Kezel Jackson Cruickshank

Kezel Jackson Cruickshank has an extensive background in education formerly as a tutor in the General Education Programme of the University of the West Indies since 2003 Open Campus. She was also the principal of Pre-University College of Further Education. In addition to her background in psychology and sociology. She occupied the post of School Guidance Counselor at the School of High Education.

Her Career in Film started long before she became a certified announcer in 2000. She was awarded many titles during secondary school for her outstanding performance in acting, receiving the best female acting award in school drama festival,
leaving with the title of best female actress in 1998. Her love for the arts went beyond acting and she engaged in writing in poetry, song, and script.

In 2011, she became the managing director of Fu Family Films, merging her Martial Arts background with her dad’s directing, acting and Martial Art skills to create a holistic approach to Film!

Mozart McKenzie

Mozart McKenzie is no stranger to creative and artistic expression as his name suggests.At the somewhat tender age he has been in the Graphic and 3D animation realm for the last ten years,his interest in this field has stemmed from a desire from childhood, from the first time he was able to hold a pen, to this very day that desire has only intensified.
As a product of a modest upbringing in Trinidad and Tobago, graphic arts and animation has allowed him to become a visionary and to see the world for the artistic beauty that surrounds us with change and movement.His passion for videography,3D animation, compositing and website fueled him to go beyond artistic mediocrity and he now excels his craft but continuously challenges himself. McKenzie being one of the more renowned webmasters in Trinidad and Tobago, his name has become synonymous with elite compositing.