Educate, Entertain, Escape

A TV series that will be aired regionally. It is 8 thirty minutes episodes that will be shown weekly.The name of the show is Mira. Host Kezel Jackson Cruickshank arrives in a new country each week with only 3-4 days to show viewers the best of that country. Kezel shows you a number of fun destinations.

This show is a celebration of culture, diversity and geography. Every country has a tale to tell- stories that makes it authentic. Thus is no ordinary travel show Mira promises to give you a “Calalloo” experience while educating and entertaining through the eyes of Trinidadian born native Kezel

St. Lucia

Saint Lucia, is an Eastern Caribbean island also known as “The Helen of the West indies”. It is the Home to volcanic beaches, reef, diving sites and luxury resorts. The island is also famous for its annual jazz festival, held each spring. St. Lucia is one of the most mountainous Caribbean islands. Among these are the well known Pitons, two mountainous plugs that is a must see to many visitors.

St. Vincent

St. Vincent, an island known for its white-sand beaches, sky-blue water gently lapping the shores and a somewhat deserted island. It is located between St. Lucia and Grenada.


One of the most spectacular attractions, is the Harrison’s Cave, first mention in 1795. Tourist can access the subterranean environment on a tramway. Barbados is one of the most multifaceted Caribbean islands, offering a wide range of accommodations and activities. A diversity of landscapes and cultural activities. Visitors especially enjoy visiting the vibrant city of Bridgetown.


Antigua, also known as Waladli or Wadadli by the locals. This destination will open a new world to individuals who seek luxury, beauty and a earthly paradise. Antigua is a small island that is often grouped with its nearby neighbour Barbuda. It also has plenty of other exciting nightlife, including great restaurants, cafes and discos. The beaches are also spectacular, and you can find literally hundreds of them, with both white and pink sand.


If weddings were a destination, it would be Anguilla. This island is a Caribbean gem. Fringed by shimmering white-sand beaches, shaded coconut palms and vibrant reefs. It’s one of the Caribbean’s smaller islands, so you can easily see the whole island if you’re there for a few days.


Tobago a premiere destination. This small island, is huge in beauty, cultural diversity and cuisine. Goat racing, a unique sport to the natives. Tobago is known for its golden enchanted beaches and tranquil waters. This “Calalloo” island is the home of Soca and Steel Pan.


Aruba also has a slightly different landscape from many Caribbean islands, having more of a desert appearance rather than forests. A tiny Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. Aruba offers a diverse number of activities for people of all ages. On the one hand, it’s extremely family friendly, with many resorts catering to families with kids.


Bermuda is recognized as one of the most exotic of the Caribbean islands. The island has a distinctive blend of British and American culture, which is prominent in the capital, Hamilton. Cricket matches are also easy to find. Bermuda is also a great destination for golfers, as the island has many world class courses.